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Dallas Wedding Officiants offers a heartfelt, personalized alternative to traditional courthouse weddings.

Choose the $150. enchanting gazebo wedding package in Addison, Texas or have us officiate at your chosen venue for just $275., ensuring a seamless and memorable experience.

Our streamlined online booking process guarantees stress-free wedding planning. Let us help you create a wedding day that truly reflects the love you share, without the worry of high costs.

Enjoy a classy, affordable, and unforgettable wedding with Dallas Wedding Officiants.

  • Personalized Wedding Ceremonies:
    We offer heartfelt, customized ceremonies that provide a classy and affordable alternative to traditional courthouse weddings, ensuring your special day reflects the love you share.

  • Versatile Options:

    Choose from the $150. enchanting gazebo wedding package in Addison, Texas, or for just $275. have us officiate at your preferred venue

  • Stress-Free Planning:

    Our streamlined online booking process ensures easy and efficient planning, allowing you to focus on celebrating your love without the worry of high costs.

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Why settle for a dull courthouse wedding ceremony? 

Bring your marriage license & enjoy a memorable wedding under a beautiful gazebo.

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Escape the courthouse and embrace an enchanting $150. Gazebo Wedding Ceremony. 

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Client Testimonials

"Choosing Dallas Wedding Officiants for our ceremony was truly transformative. Richard's dedication to understanding our love story and incorporating personalized touches elevated our ceremony to extraordinary heights. His meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful guidance ensured that every aspect of our special day was perfect. From the initial consultation to the final "I do," Richard effortlessly navigated us through the process, providing unwavering support and creating a stress-free experience for us and a truly memorable one for all our loved ones."

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Nelda Ivarrola

"We couldn't be happier with our wedding service! The ceremony at the gazebo was everything we dreamed of - quick, efficient, yet incredibly intimate amidst the serene surroundings. Opting for this over a courthouse wedding was a no-brainer. The price difference is minimal, but the experience is incomparable. Our officiant went above and beyond, even serenading us with music. Highly recommend!"

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Shawna Salazar

"Finding the right officiant for our wedding was crucial, especially as a gay couple. Dallas Wedding Officiants was the perfect fit from the start. Richard, our officiant, not only embraced our love story but celebrated it with genuine enthusiasm and respect. Their professionalism and warmth made the process seamless. Our wedding ceremony exceeded expectations - heartfelt, inclusive, and beautifully tailored to us. We're incredibly grateful to Richard and Dallas Wedding Officiants for making our day unforgettable. Highly recommended for anyone seeking an officiant who values love and equality."

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Mario Ruvalcaba

We were searching for a wedding officiant and found Dallas Wedding Officiants online. They provided a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony that exceeded our expectations. The entire process was seamless, and the gazebo wedding package in Addison was the perfect alternative to a Justice of the Peace wedding ceremony. Our special day was intimate, elegant, and affordable. Highly recommended!

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Naomi Tassew

Dallas Wedding Officiants delivered beyond our expectations. We opted for their $150 gazebo wedding package, a perfect courthouse wedding alternative. Richard, the officiant was exceptional, making our ceremony personal and memorable. The entire experience was smooth and hassle-free. We couldn’t have asked for a better service.

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Mesmin Dembassa 

Perfect Courthouse Wedding Alternative! Dallas Wedding Officiants made our wedding day truly unforgettable. We wanted a simple yet meaningful ceremony and their services provided the ideal courthouse wedding alternative. Richard, the officiant was professional, kind, and crafted a deeply personal ceremony for us. Booking online was stress-free, and the gazebo venue was enchanting. Thank you for making our day so special!

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Heiner Marroquin

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